You Are My Husband

You are logic, where I am emotion. You use your mind to solve problems, I use my heart.
You make sense while I babble on but yet you understand me
You are strong in body where I am weak
And when you wrap your arms around me, I feel so safe, and I know you will always protect me
I live my life in the clouds, and you live yours with your feet firmly planted on the ground. But yet, we always seem to meet in the middle
You are “Baby, let’s think this through before we do anything”
And I’m like “no, let’s just do it, what’s the worst that could happen?”
Speaking of “What’s the worst that could happen” You are never allowed to say that again to me
Because the last time you said that, you ended up in the ER with a blown knee, and me in the waiting room wishing it was me
Wishing it was my knee, because after all it wasn’t my dreams that needed it, it was yours
But yet when it was your dreams and your world that changed, you still made it about me. Making sure I was ok, making sure I never saw you cry.
Yet again, you were the strong one.
You know the clichés, you complete me, you are the air that I breathe, the other half to my soul
I never believed the cliché’s until there was you
Until I woke up one morning and you were there, smiling at me in a way only you can
Making me feel emotions I never knew existed
Making me feel alive again, giving me the strength to heal
You held my hand and soothed my tears as I faced the abuse
I survived the abuse alone, but now I can heal with you by my side
You offered me your strength until I could find my own, and for that I Thank You
You gave me my voice back, and for that I Thank You
When people look at you, they don’t see what I see
They don’t’ see the treasure beneath that rough exterior
They don’t see the man who is reduced to tears if one of our four legged children is hurt
Who will hold them in your arms until they are calm and their love meter is full. The man who will give up half his pillow at night so little Sterling can have his favorite spot to sleep.
The man who will fight for what he believes in even if no one supports him.
Who will fight the injustices of this world even if it doesn’t directly affect him, and your answer when asked why?
“If not me, then who?”
The man who can make anyone laugh, even if they are laughing at you. You got them to smile
The man who truly does enjoy the simple things in life
The way the sun dances on the ocean as it sets, the way the air smells when it’s about to rain or the quiet as you meditate
And you see, while I am completely enamored by you, I do see you are not as perfect as you seem
You leave the toilet seat up; I really hope you teach our sons better
You have this need to be right. Never mind that you actually are most of the time, but couldn’t you just let me win.
Just once?
You fart.
A lot.
You even fart in the car, in winter, with the windows up; making me want to throw myself out of the car going 70mphs just to get away from the death that was emitted from your ass.
The way you can dance around me in an argument until I don’t remember why I was angry in the first place. The way that you can remain calm, cool and collected even when we’re fighting. And the way you always make sense.
The way you see right through me, right to my very core. I can never hide anything from you, you know me better then I know myself.
Your insistent need to debate and ask life’s tough questions
You see, I don’t care why the sky is blue only that it is beautiful. I don’t care to know why the sun exists only that when I feel the rays upon my face I feel alive.
Again, I live my life in the clouds and you live yours on the ground. And that’s ok, because baby I love you.
I love you for all you do right
And I love you for all you do wrong
Because at the end, you complete me, you are the other half to my soul; you are the air that I breathe
You are my husband


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