The World we Live In

What world we live in

When did the idea of love become foreign and hate so common?

You turn on the 5 o’clock news to see story after story of hate and violence

Stories of women being rapped and children being murdered

Madmen tearing apart towns with their killing sprees

And church’s holding signs that say, “God hates fags” all the name of God

Not sure who’s God that is, because he certainly isn’t mine

When did we lose our way?

When did it become okay to hate?

Why does love and acceptance take a back seat to hate and intolerance?

You see these are not the values instilled in me

I was taught to reach out my hand to help those in need

I was taught the Golden Rule “Treat others as you wish to be treated”

I was taught that no matter the color of our skin, the genital between our legs or our sexual orientation that we all bleed red and breath the same air

We all struggle and we all triumph

And that deserves respect

You see I have a dream for this country

I dream of a day where we no longer have to fight for equal rights

A country where we no longer have to fight to marry the one we love

Where a woman will receive the same pay as the man standing next to her

And a where a child will never have to go hungry again

I have a dream where one-day sexism and racism are only known in the history books

A day where my children will never have to fear because they are different

Maybe I am a dreamer, or maybe you can call me naïve but I refuse to believe that we as humans are evil

I choose to believe that some have lost their way and that you and me must show them the way

Because the world we live in, is simply not acceptable


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